Hi, I'm Sarah

Full Stack Web Developer and Artist

About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a full stack web developer with a strong digital marketing background. I was drawn to the world of web development because of the endless possibilities and opportunities to grow and build.

I love learning new technologies, with focus on front-end design and functionality. My personal style is simple, modern, and effective.

If not coding, you'll most likely catch me out exploring Seattle, chilling with a game, or spamming feeds with dog photos and pixel art.

My skills include:

 JavaScript   React
Bootstrap   Sass
Node.js   Express
MongoDB   MySQL

Check out some of the stuff I've built:


Deadpool Logo

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based app that sends queries to multiple APIs and shoots back stats, comic book covers, and movie/music results for your favorite superheroes

 check out the repo

Star Wars Hangman

Darth Vader

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript based app. Basically your classic hangman game, but with a Star Wars twist (Note: this one has sound and is only web compatible)

 check out the repo

Pixel Art Maker

pixel cherries

Pixel art maker built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Create a custom canvas and use the built-in color picker to create your own custom art!

 check out the repo

NASA Photo of the Day

Rocketship with stars

React app that queries the NASA API to view the Astronomy Photo of the Day. Select a date from the calendar to view past photos!

 check out the repo